I can offer daily or occasional walks, lead walks or off lead walks and group walks can be arranged. I can socialise dogs and help them to play together in a group to let them interact and have fun with their own kind. I understand that not all dogs are happy to mix so I am happy to walk them singly on a one to one walk and spend time with them so the can have interaction with me.

My aim is to allow pet owners to feel at ease knowing their pets are in safe hands whilst they are not home or unable to walk their dogs themselves.

I will walk your dog in Rayne and the surrounding area, there are many great walking places throughout this area that you dog will enjoy and benefit from. The walk will start from when I collect the dog and I am happy to clean and dry your dog in bad weather if you are not home, feed and supply fresh water.

I will let your dog off lead but will need a letter of permission written by the owner stating it is ok to do so. I also ask that your dog is wearing a collar with an ID tag with the dogs name, owners address and contact number please.

My Prices are as follows:


  •        30-45 Minute group walk - £5
  •        45-60 Minute group walk  -£6


These prices are per walk not per dog so if you have more than one dog it will be the same cost.

I will provide waste bags and treats during the walk.

I will also be happy to look after or care for other pets you may have. I have experience with all small animals and have kept hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, hares, degus, chinchillas and many exotic animals throughout my life and also have experience with cats so I am happy to look after or care for these pets too. Please contact me for more information.

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